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About Krócão Petisco Pet Integral 


Krócão Petisco Pet Integral was born when we lost one of our dogs when he was still young for health reasons, he was treated with the traditional cookies offered in most Pet Shops, unfortunately when we realized that these cookies negatively affected his health, it was gone too late.


Disappointed with what the market offered, we decided to create a differentiated, healthy and 100% natural product to meet not only the need for healthy animals, but also dogs with chronic diseases: cardiac, obese, diabetic, kidney, hypertensive and especially allergic dogs .


After 2 years of many scientific studies and research together with several veterinarians, with a focus on improving the health and quality of life of dogs, we tested several dehydrated vegetables, yeasts and vitamins.  


To our pride and happiness, we had achieved the long-awaited great dream of creating a product that would transform the market and the lives of many dogs, as we arrived at an innovative product that will greatly improve the digestive and immune systems of dogs, in addition to many other benefits.



since then we haven't stopped another minute creating new ones.     flavors to bring health to our best friends

Quality Ingredients


Our products are made with:


-Yeasts (natural immune system protectors)

-With Dehydrated Vegetables (rich in vitamins)

-Wholemeal flours (prevents  allergies)

-Omega 3

We do not use any type of:


- Dyes,

-Hydrogenated fat,

-Bone/Meat Meal or Animal derivatives

Krócão benefits  


- Improve the Digestive System,

- Improve the Immune System,

- Softer and shiny hair,

- Decreases Tartar,

- Decreases Bad Breath.


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