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Pet shops selling Krócão in RJ                               

For you  who entered our website and is not a Shopkeeper but wants to buy our vegan biscuit, follows the list of Pet Shops that understood and adhered to our philosophy of bringing more health to our friends!

South Zone


strong of animals

telephone: (21) 2523 1815

Address: R.Tonelero, 219 


strict animal

telephone: (21) 2236 3621

Address: R.barata ribeiro, 819 

North Zone


dog landia

telephone: (21) 2571 2056

address: henry ford, 205  


Magellan pet shop

telephone: (21) 2592 2118

Address: R. Magalhães Couto, 44  


paws and feathers

telephone: (21) 2257 2000

Address: Santa Clara, 110  

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